Wireless Backup (WBB)

No Business Interruptions

We understand business need cutting edge technologies that are simply efficient, always connected, with no interruptions and no downtime. Maxis Business Fibre Internet is the only fibre internet service with a wireless backup service so you are guaranteed of business as usual.

  • The minimum contract subscription for Business Fibre Dynamic IP with WBB backup package is 24 months.
  • The WBB backup package is only valid for a subscription of Business Fibre Dynamic IP package.
  • The WBB service is in suspension mode and will only be activated whenever the Business Fibre service is down.
  • To activate the WBB service, customer need to contact Maxis HelpDesk (1 800 82 1512) and the WBB service will be activated once verify by Maxis HelpDesk support.
  • While waiting for Business Fibre service to be restored, customer still can connect to the internet through the LAN ports or WiFi access from the Business Fibre router (RGW) once the WBB service been activated.
  • Other services such as Maxis BVE , VPN and other VAS will not be working whenever the Business Fibre service is down. The WBB service is only meant to provide an internet browsing experience.
  • Customer is strictly not allowed to remove the WBB device from Business Fibre router (RGW) and customer will responsible for the WBB device. In event that the WBB device is lost or broken, the customer will be charged RM300 for the delivery of a replacement WBB device. The charge will appear in the monthly bill.
  • Customer is not allowed to downgrade during the minimum contract subscription period.
  • The Business Fibre with WBB backup service is offered as a bundle package. Thus, suspension or barring of Business Fibre internet service will also cause WBB suspension as well.

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